Lipomassage, anticellulite reference

The LPG machine is equipped with independent motorized rollers (Patented by LPG). These different rollers are gently working on the skin to release fat deposits and to reactivate lymphatic and blood circulation as well as lipolysis process (+ 70 % grease removal). Thanks to the
different directions of rotation of the rollers, the LIPOMASSAGE also helps boosting collagen and elastin production to make the skin firmer.

Our highly trained specialists are certified by the LPG company. (Daniele Henkel).

One of our technicians will schedule a free consultation to advise you on the available treatments and offer the most appropriate care to obtain the best possible results.


After 6 sessions of 45 minutes, you can get visible results on your body and, most of all, you lose where you want to lose! Remember it is important to maintain a good exercise regimen, to eat well and to drink plenty of water during the course of your treatment.