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what's emsculpt?

EMSCULPT uses High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetics (HIFEM) to stimulate muscles and restore neuromuscular control. The end result is the equivalent of doing 20,000 sit ups or squats in one 30-minute session!

what are the effects of emsculpt?

While some see results immidiately after one treatments, significant results are typically seen 2-4 weeks after a patient’s last session, with results continuing to improve for several weeks after. Fat loss remains indefinitely and muscle gain typically lasts for over 6 months.

does emsculpt have side effects?

Some patients report a little soreness in the treated area (like after a workout), however other than that EMSCULPT has no side effects, down time, or pain. The treatment itself feels like a vibration of muscle contractions, and patients recover immidiately following the treatment. 

what parts can it treat?

Emsculpt has special applicators that use unique protocols to treat the abdomen, butt, arms and legs. Other devices may claim to reduce fat or tighten skin in these areas, but only Emsculpt is shown to cause muscle growth in these areas.

can it help with diatasis recti?

Diastasis recti is a medical term that describes the separation of the abdominal muscles. This most commonly occurs during pregnancy, as the belly increases in size to accommodate a growing baby, which can stretch the abdominal muscles. EMSCULPT offers the first non-surgical means of improving this condition.

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what our clients say

what our clients say ...

" While this Mediluxe offers a variety of treatments that you may or may not find elsewhere - they stand out to me because of their amazing team! I personally feel very comfortable with the staff. They are super approachable and attentive. But you can also tell that they are well trained and knowledgeable. I’m happy I found this clinic and will definitely be back many times !!! "
" The staff is super friendly and accommodating, the spa is lovely and clean. Their machines are very high-end and do a great job (I’ve seen incredible results with few a few IPL sessions). Highly recommend! "

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